Neatoshop Sale!

It’s FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING in my Neatoshop store until 7th June! SHOP HERE!

Star Wars Designs on Pop Up Tee

Here we go then, my debut on! A collection of 8 Star Wars inspired tees.. Available today till Friday Have a browse ->

Prints on

Available right now are these designs over at Just $11 each.. Go grab some Star Wars nostalgia ->

Imperial Park at

My ‘Imperial Park’ design is up on sale today at Arteesel inc. for the low price of $10 ONLY!! Go grab a bargain…

Look.. Imperial Walkers!

I’ve seen a fair few decent Jurassic Park logo mashups about the internet but there are some really rubbish ones too. I had this idea one night so cobbled it together.. You can get it at –> TEEPUBLIC for just $14 or REDBUBBLE if you prefer…

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