A Stitch in Time

Been working on this ‘Back to the Future’ inspired ugly sweater design for a while. It’s now finished and available to buy in my Neatoshop and Teepublic stores in time for Christmas 🙂 Available in Navy or Black. I’m calling it ‘A Stitch in Time’.



4 thoughts on “A Stitch in Time”

  1. Love this – want one! Are there any UK-based stores selling them? Not sure the US ones would be able to get it here in time for Xmas.

      1. Nice one, thanks – think I’ll be getting a tee ordered then!

        A full-on knitted jumper would be even better though – do you know any stores that could knock some up for you?

      2. I agree that would be awesome.. Few people have mentioned that they would like to actually knit it but not looked into any companies that could do it. Maybe next year 🙂

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