NEW Designs: Mario Kart Series

I had the idea of designing a set of imaginary Mario Kart race track logos.. Each depicted by a different character from the game. I’m still unsure on whether I want them all to be connected in some way design wise or whether to have a mish mash of completely different styles for each logo.

Anyway these kind of quandaries usually sort themselves out if I just go head first into the designing, so I did. First one was for ‘Toad’.. Desert Classic. I thought brown on a cream colour tee would be nice and subtle with some distress added. I’m still not sure about the overall composition or the colour so I may still modify this design as I go.


Then I started off on ‘Donkey Kong’ – ‘Gorilla Jungle Rally’. I’m digging this one a lot more but now I see them both together they look pretty nice 🙂 I want to vary the colours for each design as much as possible.


Who should be next in this series? I have a list and design notes/sketches but I’d love to hear what you guys would like to see? 🙂



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