Leicester Legends – Vintage Posters

Two of my biggest passions in life are Graphic Design and fooball (Leicester City FC), so I thought I’d combine the two. A while ago I started designing these vintage style posters depicting my favourite Leicester City legends from days gone by. They were published on my behance portfolio but now I have a blog I thought I’d give them another outing, particularly as I plan on designing more in the not too distant future.. In fact I’m working on a ‘Muzzy Izzet’ poster at the moment, so stay tuned.




Gary Lineker

2 thoughts on “Leicester Legends – Vintage Posters”

    1. Hi Richard.. Yep have thought a lot about it. Unfortunately it’d be an absolute nightmare getting all the copyright permissions to even start thinking about selling them. There’s all sorts of restrictions regarding logos, sponsors and photographs used.. So looking like a no goer 🙁

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